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Social Business

What is Social Business ?
Enterprises that focus their main business as the solution, or minimization of social or environmental problems of the Communities.

What are the benefits?

  • Positive impacts both in social and environmental levels.
  • Produce change of people´s  reality in vulnerable conditions.
  • Provide economic feasibility of enterprises.


What´s  the  vision of  the start-up  JVIS?
Turn the  Community Institutions (Shelters) into Social Incubators.

What´s  JVIS´s  mission?
The start-up Social Visionary Youth was created with the purpose to provide professional training to assure the desired autonomy of the sheltered adolescents in Sao Paulo/Brazil when leaving their respective shelters.

 What  bothers us?
Adolescents from shelters leave their institutions when they reach 18 years old, but both unprepared and vulnerable, and also with no adequately qualification. Therefore they  have less opportunities to be included in the local market.

What´s  the route?
Offer opportunities to potential young entrepreneurs develop professional competencies,  that highlight their natural abilities.

What are the gains?

  • Reduce  vulnerability of adolescents
  • Increase  source of income
  • Increase likelihood to be included into local market as young entrepreneurs (citizen  recognized by  society)
  • To  improve their Life Quality

How  has JVIS structured its business plan?
3  Steps were proposed according the innate development of the young

Identify the desired knowledge area requested  by the adolescents is known as ” Who are we ? ”

The methodology of teaching and learning implemented is called ADOTEI Adolescents: Talents, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It´s composed by outstanding educational practices, that focuses on creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The purpose of this cited methodology is to empower the competencies (abilities, knowledge and attitudes) that are considered hidden by these young people, and so to turn them into major players on their own lives.

Build small entreprises  for these young and visionary people and  is known as ” What I want to do ?”

Within the main business models to be implemented, the following are foreseen: Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI),  Society for Shares of Limited Responsibility or even Cooperatives.

Develop  these cited enterprises as small organizations, in general financed by startup JVIS, whose slogan  is appointed as ” I want autonomy”.

Our commitment is that with the first five year of operation, the young and visionary entrepreneurs will 100 % owner of their own business.


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