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Our Innovation Practices are constituted by 3 Steps

1ª Selection of  Ideas (Design Thinking)

Startup Social Visionary  Youth developed an creative method to spark ideas and select the best, according the criteria of Value Perceived.

As a result of this method an product known as  JVIS Value Matrix is generated, that helps clients in a process of decision-making related to generating and sharing their own ideas.

This product  consists in an interesting view between the Capital Required (Effort) to nurture an selected idea and the associated Gains  (Desired Reduced Expenses) to solve a problem (client order).


2ª Development of creative products and services  (crowdsourcing)

The  greatest  barrier to innovate, according to people´s views  is the lack of resources (capital, time and knowledge).

However, the concept of “crowdsourcing” appears to bring  together creators and developers aiming at sparking ideas and building a common creative solutions to solve problems presented by users and others interested parties ( clients, investors, etc).

Crowdsourcing:  it´s a kind of social cohesion, that mobilize many people  (crowd)  to develop solutions to solve problems (scope) that can in the end make benefit all (outsourcing).

3ª Offer of creative  Products and Services

How  could we offer creative products and services to the market?

Startup JVIS  created an innovative Method to finance your Entrepreneurship Project




Why Develop your creative idea  or solve a critical problem ?

Lack of Resources:  Time, Capital and  Knowledge


Economy Sharing : is an concept that addresses when an information about goods and also services are shared by an individual to others (online marketplace) the value of them can increase steadily for the individuals involved in the business and mainly to the society overall.


Service Offering :   Economy Sharing  Practice

Example 1

You  leave in an building and are very upset about the high price of the Condominium Charges due to  the increase of the value charged by the Water and Sewage  Public Company.


Sucess: Finance  Gain  is shared between partners
Failure: Opportunity to redefine the scope of the service and further offer a new proposal.

Example 2

You are looking for an reliable  maintenance professional that offer domestic  services with an attractive benefit/ cost ratio.


  • Reduce your monthly expenses with Condominium Charge
  • Increase Life cycle of your domestic product (increase time between failure)
  • Increase Portability of your domestic equipments  (allow change of original components (more expensive)  to others (more useful, more functional and cheaper) equivalents of different materials.

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